Water Balancing (Hydronics)

LaminAIr Certified Water Balancing Services

Hydronic / Water Balancing Meter

LaminAir Test and Balance, Inc. provides Certified Hydronic / Water Boiler Balancing Services.

Several homes in the Chicagoland Area have been utilizing hydronic (water) heating systems for many years.

Water Balancing these systems in critical in maximizing overall comfort and efficiency, as well as lowering utility / energy costs.

Commercially, chilled water / hot water could have been around for a long time, utilizing chillers and boilers to cool and heat the water for use in their water coil air handlers.

From a commercial perspective, out of balance water / hydronic systems can lead to a massive increase in operational costs, and multiple comfort complaints by tenants and occupants alike.

Having the proper balance of water flow through these systems will maximize system efficiency, while providing the proper air tempering for occupant comfort.

LaminAir Test & Balance specializes in balancing hydronic systems and maximizing comfort, efficiency, and performance.

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