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Notes on Required Forms (Link at bottom):

LaminAir Test & Balance, Inc. provides you with required forms specifically designed to assist you through every step of the test and balance process.

These forms have been designed to address the specific & detailed needs of any project, and answer questions that arise 100% of the time.

Specifically, these required forms address issues, concerns, & questions surrounding & including:

  • scheduling test & balance work in and around other trades.
  • occupancy permit deadline dates.
  • design criteria, equipment data & unit specifications.
  • specific job site application requirements.
  • Ventilation & fresh air requirements for the structure / job site.
  • Ventilation Schedule & air flow requirements for specific area of the project.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or difficulties you may have regarding the completion of these forms.

Not filling out these forms accurately, correctly & honestly can result in additional expenses & occupancy permit delays.

A brief description of the steps to follow and the forms to be filled out are detailed below.


This form is for the first / initial contact with us, and we will direct you here EVERY TIME there is a new job. The basic information collected here will allow us to provide you the most accurate estimate / quote we can (based on the accuracy of the information provided). Fill this form out first. Once we provide you with an estimate / quotation (which may require a site visit), we will ask that you fill out our terms and conditions (T&C) in step 2.

Even if you have previously filled out our quote request form, this form is REQUIRED for every new job, quote, or contract (not every system).


This form is the first official form to be filled out by the financially responsible party before any test & balance work begins. Once you have provided us with the quote request and we have provided said quote, these terms and conditions must be agreed upon before scheduling any work (see work scheduling form).

Even if you have previously filled out our terms & conditions, this form is REQUIRED for every new job, quote, or contract (not every system).


Once you have completed step 1 & 2, the pre-balance checklist needs to be filled out for every piece of equipment that is being tested. This form and procedure is designed to ensure that the equipment to be tested is at peak operational readiness, and the work is 100% complete.

Equipment will not be tested if this form is not filled out for that piece of equipment. It is important to note that not being 100% truthful & mechanically correct on this form can cause delays, rescheduling fees, additional billable labor, and ultimately, a delay in acquiring occupancy permit(s) or a missed occupancy permit deadline date. Please ensure this form is completed accurately.

Even if you have previously filled out our terms & conditions, this form is REQUIRED for EVERY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT / SYSTEM being tested.


Filling out this form is perhaps the most critical in terms of work flow. This form is designed to assist in maximizing time & effort, and is intended to prevent wasted time, and minimize or eliminate additional costs, labor fees & delays.

Once step 1-3 have been completed, the equipment is ready to be tested. This form will tell us when we can arrive on site for testing, and that the site is clear and equipment is ready for testing.

It is important to note that when filling out this form, it may require coordination with other trades to ensure proper work flow.

Not filling out all the forms accurately to ensure system readiness & delays caused by other trades are the two largest causes of additional charges and delays in obtaining occupancy permits. Please make sure the forms are filled out accurately & correctly.


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