LaminAir Test & Balance, Inc.

Accuracy, Performance, Integrity …

Mission Statement:

The mission at LaminAir Test & Balance, Inc. is to provide cutting edge, state of the art technology, tools, and test equipment to assist in making every project we work on operate at peak performance and efficiency, and ensure the client is getting what they are paying for.

Doing so will allow our clients to experience greater comfort, indoor air quality, lower operating costs and overheads, increased system efficiency, while unilaterally increasing employee productivity and performance.

Through a detail oriented procedural testing process that meets and exceeds TABB / NEBB / AABC Standards (backed by certification from the National Comfort Institute and the National Balancing Council), LaminAir Test & Balance provides certified air flow testing, test and balance, air flow reports, and air flow performance testing to many areas and disciplines of the HVAC industry, including:

Rooftop Units (RTU’s), Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV’s), Makeup Air Units (MUA’s), Economizers, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, Kitchen Exhaust Fans, and Air Handling Units (AHU’s).

100% mechanical, operational, performance, efficiency, and client satisfaction is expected.

Detail, Performance, Accuracy, Integrity … LaminAir Test & Balance, Inc.

Timely Support

If you have a problem on your project, we work directly with you to resolve any issues and keep your job running smoothly.

Advanced Diagnostics

Problem solving is a major forte’ of LaminAir. Our innovative and state-of-the-art diagnostic system will help pinpoint your issues and get you back up and running quickly.

Advanced Instrumentaion

LaminAir uses cutting edge test equipment designed to be accurate and repeatable. There will be no doubt where the problem is and how to fix it.

Clear Communication

Once we’re done testing, we submit and explain the results to you. You’ll learn more from our reports and explanations then you have ever known about your system(s) before. You can use this information on upcoming projects to make them even better!