VAV (Variable Air Volume / Air Flow) Systems

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Air Flow Testing of VAV Systems

LaminAir Test & Balance provides certified air flow test & balance reports for all types of VAV (Variable Air Volume) air flow systems.

Types of systems include: Fan Powered VAV Systems, 1 Pipe VAV Systems, 2 Pipe VAV Systems, Reheat VAV systems.

VAV Boxes and associated air flow systems control a continuous amount of air flow that varies based on room temperature and thermal demand.

Most comfort related issues that exist in Variable Air Volume Systems occur due to HVAC System related issues, typically centered around maintenance related situations, or lack thereof.

These issues can range from loose belts, plugged coils, dirty filters, dirty fan or blower wheels, etc.

By having your HVAC system properly maintained, you can ensure you supply the proper air flow to the system(s) and associated rooms.

Oftentimes, a situation could exist with VAV systems or boxes that are out of calibration or need repair.

LaminAir can test the air flow and control systems to verify and certify that the VAV System is operating correctly.

In most cases, these can be repaired, but in some mechanical situations, it may be more equitable to replace the VAV System or thermostat / VAV Controller.

VAV Systems are found in most commercial and corporate environments and settings and is considered one of the best types of systems you can have for comfort and environmental control. When these systems go bad, break, or come out of adjustment, they can have a significant impact on your comfort, operating costs, and overhead / operational related expenses.

If you are having “thermostat wars” and are getting several complaints about hot and cold spots or comfort, this may be related to issues with the VAV Systems or controls.

If you believe you are having air flow related issues, and you have a VAV System, have LaminAir test it and find out what your real problems are.


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