HVAC Roof Top Units (RTU’s) – Certified Air Flow Testing

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Get your Roof Top Unit (RTU) air flow tested & certified.












LaminAir Test & Balance provides certified air flow test and balance services on commercial roof top units (RTU’s).

If you are having temperature control issues, humidity issues, or high utility bills, or air flow problems, LaminAir can test your roof top unit and see if it is performing up to design specifications and standards. Utilizing industry specific, NIST calibrated, air flow testing and measuring tools, LaminAir can precisely measure the performance of your HVAC Roof Top Unit (RTU).

In many cases, issues are related to the installation of the equipment, poor ductwork, or simply the lack of proper and competent HVAC maintenance.

There are several ways these units can be checked and tested. Some mechanical deficiencies include loose doors or compartments leaking “by-pass air” and putting air where it should not be. Loose belts, dirty filters, dirty coils, or even dirty blower wheels or dirty fan blades can have a significant¬†impact on total overall system performance, space comfort, and design air flow criteria.

Having your unit performance tested and certified for proper air flow is the best way to know and understand where your energy dollars are going.

LaminAir Test & Balance can also provide recommended maintenance procedures that can be followed by your HVAC Contractor or HVAC Maintenance Technician.

Ask for details on what to expect from your HVAC Maintenance – we can go over a comprehensive plan with you to ensure you are getting your HVAC needs met. Keep in mind that, in most cases, these procedures meet and exceed most criteria set forth by HVAC Contractors as “typical maintenance items / routines”, and may increase your maintenance agreement pricing structure.

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