Kitchen Exhaust System (Hoods & Fans)

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Balancing Reports


Unbalanced Kitchen Exhaust Hoods & Systems can be responsible for excessive wasted energy & increased operating costs. This can also lead to untimely repairs and elevated repair costs.


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LaminAir Test & Balance services both Type 1 (grease) and Type 2 (heat) Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, with or without make-up air units (MUA’s). Drawing too much or too little air up your kitchen exhaust hood can have a significant impact on your kitchen operations, building pressures and temperature control issues.

Having and unbalanced kitchen exhaust hood can lead to uncomfortable employees, cold food, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues in your kitchen, and several other related issues and concerns.

Negative pressure kitchens can also create comfort issues in the dinning areas, wasted energy and higher utility bills, as well as reversing chimneys / flue pipes creating hazardous carbon monoxide issues.

You can be sucking all the air in your dining room that you paid to heat and cool!

Having your kitchen exhaust hood serviced to ensure proper operation is one of the first steps to take. There can be several issues on the roof! Belts can be old and stretched, sheaves can be worn out, creating worn or broken belts, etc.

Another overlooked aspect of having an out of balance or negative pressure kitchen is the threat of carbon monoxide issues. A kitchen that is under a negative pressure can actually reverse a chimney / flue pipe and create a significant CO threat in the kitchen environment.

Have a test and balance performed on your kitchen exhaust hood only after regular maintenance has been performed. This will ensure your systems is “ready to be balanced” and optimized for your environment.

A significant number of kitchen exhaust hoods designed by ‘old school” standards are exhausting excessive amounts of air, far exceeding what is necessary for optimal kitchen hood performance.

Have a kitchen exhaust hood test and balance performed and find out where your energy, comfort, and operating costs dollars are going.

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