LaminAir Test & Balance can provide balancing services on commercial rooftop unit economizers.

Did you know that 75-85% of all economizers have been disabled? This is primarily due to lack of knowledge on the operation and repair of these units.

Economizer’s primary function is to allow free cooling when outdoor conditions are correct. This allows the main unit fan to run, bringing in outdoor fresh air cool enough to condition the space. In commercial spaces, there may be a need for cooling during periods where outdoor air could be used instead of mechanical cooling.

Economizers are now more important than ever, primarily due to the increased awareness in energy conservation. Additionally, economizers are now required by the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code), will make its way into the IMC (International Mechanical Code), and eventually end up in your state and local code requirements.

As such, you will need to satisfy these requirements by either getting a test & balance report proving it’s operations, installing one, provided it is compatible with your older rooftop unit, or replace the entire unit and install one … all just to satisfy the code requirements.

If you have one and while in use, field selectable settings allow you to maximize the economizer based on your conditioned space needs.

If you have an unusually high electric bill, or an uncomfortable space, your economizer may be in need of service, repair, or replacement … but may also be set incorrectly and out of balance.

Failed economizers can have a significant impact on space comfort and overall system performance. This can also lead to premature system failures, such as bad heat exchangers and compressors.

Have your economizer tested to ensure proper and optimal performance.



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