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Frequently Asked Questions:

These situations come up in some combination and in one form or another on every job. Be prepared! If you need assistance, we can guide you through the entire test and balance process.


Do I need my report to get my Final Certificate of Occupancy?
Believe it or not, you don’t have to have your test and balance report completed before you get your final inspection. In almost every case, as long as you have secured (have under contract) test & balance services, they will issue a temporary CO pending your balancing report submission. They understand there are scheduling constraints, especially if you have been surprised by the need for a TAB Report.
What is your turn around time?
Once you’ve secured our services, we schedule the work to be performed … which has an associated timeline for completion. Any delays (see above) will increase this timeline. Typically, once the final trip to the job site is made, and testing is completed, reports are typically rendered within 3-5 business days.
Scheduling TAB Work
Scheduling test and balance work is of the utmost importance. Make sure the job is 100% complete and “ready to be balanced” as per our pre-balance checklist. Please be cognizant of our schedule and other clients time frames and constraints as well. Having to come back due to unforeseen issues complicates everyones schedules and time lines. Do what you can to be prepared and on point.
What if something goes wrong?
Things go wrong … as they typically always do. If you have a mechanical delay during the job, and we can move on … repairs or corrections can be made while we are still on site testing other equipment. We typically allot for these issues and we do provide a one time courtesy return. Beyond that, delays of significance are billable, and will be subject to scheduling opening as they become available.
Testing does not mean passing.
It is greatly misunderstood … but just because you get a test and balance performed does not mean you will pass. While most systems pass initially, whether or not your project does lies solely on proper design and installation. Improper design and installation, along with VE (Value Engineering) is one of the largest causes of failure in delivering proper design system performance.
What if I don't pass?
This is a sore subject. Testing and not passing usually reveals poor system design, violations of installation “good practice”, and questions of competency. LaminAir does all we can to achieve a passing result. In the end, liability and responsibility fall on the design engineer and the installing mechanical contractor.
Balancing Re-Test Costs
If your project has only one part that initially fails, it will need to be retested. Our proposals are based on a one time through testing scenario. In the event you need a system or job re-tested, applicable re-test fees will apply.

Test & Balance Process:


Initiate Balancing Request

Contact us to get the ball rolling. We will need plans, specification, job site information, construction status, dates / deadlines, etc.

Provided Requested Documentaion.

Provide us with any documentation we need to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Provide Accurate Information

Providing us with the most accurate information is critical in the proposal process. Inaccuracies or incomplete information can negatively impact scheduling and final cost of the job.

Ready for Balancing

LaminAir has pre-balance checklists to ensure your job runs smoothly. Not being 100% complete and fully functional and operational is the number one cause of delays in obtaining your final certificate of occupancy.


The most common causes of delays are mechanical failures & repairs, life safety testing, and site access restrictions. In order to move things along and keep your project on time, work with all trades to maintain on time workflow.

Test and Balance Chicago:

LaminAir Test & Balance provides a wide variety of commercial services to its clients requiring air flow test and balance in Chicago.

We can provide certified air flow test and balance reports for Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV System), Rooftop Units (RTUs), Economizers (Econs), Make Up Air Units (MUA’s), Kitchen Exhaust Fans, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, and anything else that moves, transfers, or transmits air that you need tested and certified.

LaminAir can provide certified air flow testing for virtually every commercial or corporate setting & environment.

Test and Balance Services Include: corporate structures, office buildings, conference rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, warehouses, production areas, shipping and receiving areas, etc.

Test and Balance in Chicago is becoming a growing concern, especially for building owners that need to meet the current IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) and IMC (International Mechanical Code).Current coeds are in place now in the 2016 IMC (International Mechanical Code) and the 2015 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). Municipalities are allowed to be only so far behind when it comes to code compliance. These codes REQUIRE that commercial buildings get a certified test & balance report before they obtain their final certificate of occupancy.

Chicago is one of the leading cities in America regarding certified air flow testing & test and balance services.

As a business or building owner in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, you may have been asked to provide a Certified Air Flow Test and Balance Report on your brand new, replacement, or existing systems as a result of a build out or remodel.

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